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Discover our wide range of filament tape designed to meet the demanding needs of industrial settings. Whether you're packaging, bundling, reinforcing, or securing loads, our high-quality products offer superior strength and durability to ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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Industrial Strength Filament Adhesive Tape

Our filament tapes boast superior strength, durability, and adhesive properties, making them indispensable for various packaging, bundling, and reinforcement tasks.

From heavy-duty packaging to palletizing and load securing, our filament adhesive tapes offer unparalleled performance and reliability. With a diverse range of options available, including 3M filament tape and fiberglass strapping tape, we provide solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Fiberglass Filament Tape:

Explore our selection of fiberglass tape, designed to provide reliable reinforcement and support for a wide range of industrial applications. Constructed with a fiberglass backing and strong adhesive, fiberglass strapping tape offers exceptional tear resistance and tensile strength, making it suitable for palletizing, bundling, and securing heavy loads. Trust in the durability and performance of fiberglass strapping tape to keep your shipments secure during transit.

3M Filament Strapping Tape:

Experience the unmatched performance of 3M filament tape, known for its exceptional quality and reliability. Manufactured using advanced technology and high-grade materials, 3M filament tape offers superior tensile strength and adhesion, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. Whether you're sealing packages, bundling items, or reinforcing containers, 3M filament tape delivers outstanding results every time.

When To Use Filament Strapping Tape

  1. Heavy-Duty Packaging:

Use filament tape to securely seal heavy-duty packages and cartons, providing added strength and durability during transit.

  1. Bundling and Securing:

Utilize filament tape for bundling together items or securing components during manufacturing processes.

  1. Palletizing and Load Securing:

Employ filament tape to secure loads on pallets, providing additional stability and preventing shifting or damage during transportation.

  1. Reinforcement and Repairs:

Apply filament tape to reinforce boxes, containers, or packaging materials, minimizing the risk of damage or collapse.

Use for temporary repairs on equipment, machinery, or structures, providing a quick and reliable solution until permanent repairs can be made.

Why Buy Filament Adhesive Tape From Benchmark Industrial?

When you trust Benchmark for your filament tape needs, you're getting top-notch quality, reliability, and great service. Here's why you can count on us for all your packaging needs:

Quality Guarantee: Our filament tapes are tough and durable, giving you peace of mind that your packages stay sealed and secure. Plus, we're so confident in our products that we offer a 60-day quality guarantee.

Outstanding Customer Service: Our sales team knows our tapes inside and out, and they're here to give you personalized advice and answer any questions you have. Whether it's about industrial supplies or picking the right tape, we've got you covered. Contact us today for expert support.

Fast Shipping: We make sure your filament tape gets to you quickly and reliably, so your operations stay smooth. You can enjoy next-day delivery (or same-day shipping for orders outside delivery zone 1,) ensuring minimal downtime for your business.

Shop confidently knowing you're getting quality and reliability for all your packaging needs. Check out our selection of filament tapes today!

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