Strapping & Banding


Keep your stock organized, held together, and secure with our strapping and banding options. Choose from steel, poly strapping, a range of seals, and strapping kits and accessories. Get in touch to find out more about what strapping or banding will be best for your business. If we don't have it, we can source it!

A Wide Range Of Strapping Solutions

We stock a wide range of Packaging Strapping options for you to choose from. Whether opting for something more durable or to aid in keeping items neat and tidy, we have exactly what you need.

Steel Strapping

Secure items to prevent damage and bundle items together with our steel strapping. The ultra-durable high-tensile steel strapping and regular steel strapping will help you keep even the toughest of items together. Great for transportation or general warehouse use.

Poly, Paper, PP & PET Strapping

Secure boxes & parcels for shipping and handling with strapping. Choose from Poly, Paper, PP, and PET materials to suit your needs. For lighter boxes, opt for paper or polypropylene strapping tools, for heavier items such as metal opt for PP and PET strapping.

Strapping Seals for Ultimate Security

Reinforce the security of strapping and hold everything together with our strapping steals. No matter the items, our wide variety of seals will help secure everything in place for transportation or easy storage.

Steel Strapping Seals

For heavy-duty items, pair a steel seal with steel strapping for ultimate protection. Choose from heavy-duty and regular seals to suit your needs.

Poly Strapping Seals

Poly seals are great for lighter items. Pair with poly strapping for keeping packing boxes or parcels neat and tidy during transportation.

Bale Ties

Great for keeping bundled items safe and secure, bale ties are often used in many different industries. Use them to repair fences, secure shaped items plus much more.

Strapping Kits & Accessories

Easily use your strapping and seals with our range of kits and tools for the job. Browse from a range of full cord strapping kits, cord tools, strapping sealers, and many more. Not sure which tool you need? Call us at (614) 695-6500 and a member of our friendly team will help.

Why Choose Benchmark Industrial?

At Benchmark Industrial, we set the standards for our industry. Our extraordinary efficiency guarantees that everything you find on our website is in stock and available for immediate purchase. We pride ourselves on delivering unrivaled customer service to simplify your ordering process. If a product isn't featured in our catalog, we're committed to tracking it down for you. Moreover, if you happen to come across a better price elsewhere, we'll match it. As a little extra treat, every order comes with complimentary candy for you and your team to enjoy.

We understand that your time is valuable, and we're dedicated to ensuring you don't have to wait for your orders. We're working hard to offer free next-day delivery for Zone 1, provided your order meets the minimum $250 spending requirement and is placed before 5:00 p.m. Our delivery fleet is all set to bring your orders directly to your business location. You can review our delivery zone map for specific details.

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