Tapes & Adhesives


Keep your products safe and secure when transporting to customers or businesses alike with our ultra-strong range of tapes and adhesives. Our range includes tape to seal boxes, secure items, clearly mark out objects as well as useful adhesives such as hot glue and hook & loop systems.

Get in touch to find out more about the types of tape stocked and what tape or adhesive will be best for your business. If we don't have it, we can source it!

Super Strong Tape & Packing Tape Dispensers

No matter your intended use, our range of tapes and dispensers will help streamline your service, getting the job done faster for your customers. Learn more about our range of tapes to find the right one for you:

Hot Melt Tape

Hot melt tape is generally used for sealing boxes and packaging. It's a type of adhesive tape that gets sticky when it's heated and pressed onto a surface. Hot melt tape is a great packing tape, keeping your items safe and secure when on the move.

Acrylic Tape

Acrylic tape is generally used for sealing boxes and packaging too. It's a type of adhesive tape that's known for staying clear and not turning yellow over time. It's good for sealing boxes that you want to look neat and clean because it's see-through. So, it's like regular tape, but it keeps things looking nice and doesn't change color as it ages.


E-Tape is an affordable, all-purpose acrylic packing tape featuring a compact core, enabling more tape on each roll—1.5 times the amount of typical hand tape. It sticks effectively to various surfaces and employs an eco-friendly, water-based acrylic adhesive. E-Tape incorporates advanced dispensing technology to offer unmatched performance for all your tape-sealing needs.

Filament Tape

Bind together or strengthen pipes, boxes, and packages with ultra-strong filament tape. With fiberglass running through it, it's like regular tape but with extra strength from those threads, so it's great for holding things tight or adding extra support.

Natural Rubber Tape

The do-it-all tape, rubber tape is great for a number of uses. Mainly used for packing and sealing boxes, it works like a normal tape, but the rubber element makes it even more adhesive.

Masking Tape & Painters Tape

Keep your paintwork tidy by using masking tape or painter's tape. They are both adhesive tapes that you can stick on surfaces like walls or trim to keep paint off those areas. It's easy to remove, and it leaves clean lines, so it helps you paint neatly without making a mess on parts you want to keep paint-free.

Duct Tape

A versatile adhesive, duct tape works for many different things. Whether you need to make a repair, mark out certain areas, or even for packaging, duct tape is super durable, ultra-strong, and is a must-have for all business purposes.

Colored Tape

A must-have to make wires, floor areas or storage easily identifiable, colored tape is a great way to color code throughout your business. From a health and safety standpoint to even help streamline efficiency.

Custom Printed Tape

Do you want to showcase your business even when your product hits the customer's door? Our custom packaging tape is not only sure to secure all transported goods, it proudly showcases your brand with a customized tape design - it's all in the finer details.

Flatback Tape

Flatback tape is generally used for packaging and holding things together. It's like regular tape but with a flat, paper-like backing. People use it to seal boxes, bundle items, or stick things in place. It's strong and can stick on different surfaces, making it useful for various tasks where you need things to stay put.

Strapping Tape

Strapping tape is generally used for bundling and securing items together. It's a strong, reinforced adhesive tape that's a bit like a heavy-duty version of regular tape. People use it to hold things tightly, like packaging materials, boxes, or stacks of items. It's especially good for keeping larger or heavier things in place and preventing them from shifting or coming apart.

Floor Marking Tape

Floor marking tape is generally used for marking and organizing spaces on floors. It's like a tape that you can stick on the ground to create boundaries, paths, or designated areas. People use it in warehouses, factories, and public spaces to indicate where to walk, where to store items, or to highlight safety zones. It helps keep things organized and safe by providing visual cues on the floor.

Water Activated Tape

Keep your items safe and secure with water-activated tape. To use it, you moisten the adhesive side with water, and when it dries, it forms a tight bond with the surface, making it tamper-evident and durable. This type of tape is often used as shipping and packaging tape where security and protection are important. Read more about the pros and cons of Water Activated Tape here!

Packing Adhesives

Whether you aim to secure heavy boxes with a robust roll of film, mend any damages with hot glue sticks, or fortify items with spray adhesive for added protection, our adhesive collection is sure to cater to your company's requirements.

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